Real Estate Agents

Red Door Property Management thrives on our long-standing, trusted relationships with many real estate brokers and agents in the area. We work closely with agents to provide Property Management Services to their clients until it’s time to sell.

When you have listings that are not selling, or absentee owners out of state, we can help you and your client. Red Door Property Management offers exceptional leasing and management services, which give your client additional options.

We also offer you, as the listing agent, a guarantee that when the owner you referred to us later wishes to sell the property, we will direct them back to you for the sales listing. Protecting your listing and your client relationship is important to us.

We work with you, not as your competition!

Our experience shows that agents who work with our referral program benefit not just financially but professionally. Your client’s perception of you is enhanced when you offer a professional service through us that you can’t readily provide yourself. Your client will feel secure knowing that you, as their sales agent, will help them in the future when they wish to sell.

Call to ask us about our agent referral program.  Any referral fees are paid to your broker once an Owner has signed an Owner Agreement and we have successfully secured a tenant for the property.