Our goal is to provide hassle-free rental services throughout Northwest Arkansas. We are a locally owned, family company that understands the needs of renters, pride ourselves in preventative maintenance, financial accountability, and personalized service. We offer convenient online applications, payments and maintenance requests to save you time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for a Rental

When should I begin looking for a place to rent?

In Fayetteville and surrounding towns, the leasing season begins in December, and we generally won’t know about Summer or Fall availability until mid-February. Most of our Fayetteville-area properties pre-lease for June 1st or August 1st occupancy by the end of April.

In Bentonville, Rogers, and surrounding towns, leasing is less seasonal.
In any case, the sooner you begin your search, the better. Check out our currently available properties on the Available Properties tab now!

How do I submit an application?

All applications must be submitted (with the application fee) online.

Can I still qualify to rent from Red Door if my credit’s not great?

Yes.  Credit’s only a small part of the criteria we use to qualify tenants to lease from us.  We can often overcome negative or no credit with a Lease Guarantor Agreement.  Other factors we consider include: rental references, income or financial support, and criminal history.

May I split payment of my Security Deposit over the first two months?

No, the full Security Deposit is due and payable by separate check or money order at the time you sign the Lease.  The Security Deposit is equal to one month’s rent; Pet Deposit (if pets are approved) is generally equal to $250/pet.

Do you accept Section 8 HUD vouchers?

Yes, in most cases we do.  E-mail us about a specific property after confirming your eligibility and allowable payments with HUD.  After that, you must still submit an online application and pay your application fee for us to consider you for tenancy.

Do you rent to Students?


Why can’t I schedule a time to view the residence and just have my roommates or adult child look later if I like the place?

All adults who will be occupying the residence must be present for the showing in order for our leasing staff to open the door. Most of our properties lease while still occupied by departing tenants, and we try to minimize intrusions into their space. Additionally, this helps avoid future conflict as all properties are leased on an “as-is, where-is, with all faults” basis. It’s each tenant’s responsibility to ensure that he or she is satisfied with the condition of the property before signing a lease. We will not open the door if all roommates aren’t present for the showing, and an application from a person who has not viewed our property in person will not be considered. An exception may be possible if a future resident is currently studying abroad, but we require verification before scheduling the showing.

Before Signing a Lease

Will the property be cleaned before I move in?

Normally yes.  Very rarely does a tenant leave a property so clean that we don’t send a housekeeper to at least wipe down surfaces.  If there is carpet at the property, it will be professionally steam-cleaned before your move-in.  However, our housekeeping crews may not clean the property to your (or your parents’, spouses’, or roommates’) standards. Please budget enough time to clean the property upon your move-in to your personal standard.

Will the property be painted, repaired, etc. before I move in?

All of our properties are leased on an “as-is, where-is, with all faults” basis.  We work for the property owner, and each owner has a different standard for “good repair and condition” (as do each of our tenants). Where we have control, we strive to keep properties well-maintained.  Please keep in mind that properties that are within walking-distance to pedestrian attractions tend to lease for more money regardless of age or condition.  If you have concerns about specific components of the property, it is your responsibility to make sure your concerns are addressed in writing in the lease before you sign.  Verbal representations from our staff or our vendors (or from anyone) about what an owner might agree to repair, update, or replace are not binding.  The Condition and Inventory Sheet is meant to document the condition of the Property when you move in and will not serve as a “punch list” of items to be repaired.

Do I have to get Renter’s Insurance?

No, but we recommend it, and per the terms of our lease, we will place a more expensive, less beneficial property liability-only policy (does not cover your belongings) on the property if you do not provide us with proof of Renter’s Insurance before your move-in, and it will be billed back to you. The total (per property) currently runs $24.50/month. You can normally buy better coverage for $10-15/month. Your auto insurance company is a good place to check. You must name us as an “Additional Insured” on your policy, and keep a minimum of $100,000.00 of liability coverage. Please check the detailed move-in instructions we e-mailed you.

When/how do I turn utilities on?

Check our Utilities Guide for contact info for each utility company, and be sure utilities are on in your name before your lease term begins in order to receive your keys on time.

How soon must I return the Condition & Inventory Sheet?

Our Lease allows you 48 hours from the time you receive keys to turn in the Condition & Inventory Sheet, or everything is considered in perfect condition.  Please submit your Condition & Inventory Sheets on time.

While Leasing

How do I submit a maintenance or service request?

Log in to your Tenant Portal and submit your maintenance or service request. In case of emergency please call our maintenance emergency line at 479-521-7400.

What is a maintenance emergency?

Anything that is an IMMEDIATE threat to your safety or the property.  For example, if a break-in has occurred and you have an unsecured entrance or a pipe has burst causing a water leak and ongoing damage.  Generally, central heat or air conditioning repairs are not emergencies.  If you have an emergency, please call our offices and follow the “emergency” prompts, leave a message, and we will return your call ASAP.  Always follow up by submitting the emergency request through your Tenant Portal so we have a good record, even if your emergency has already been addressed.

Can I be billed for service or maintenance at the property?

Yes, if caused by your negligence or abuse, or the repair or service is your responsibility under the terms of the lease, you may be billed for repairs.  If you’re not comfortable making repairs you’re responsible for or taking care of lawncare at your property, we’re happy to make arrangements with you to have these taken care of by a professional and billed back to you, but it’s easier for us and less expensive for you if you communicate with us beforehand.

May I install a satellite dish?

Generally, yes, but you must have written (e-mailed) permission beforehand, and the satellite dish must be installed out of street view on a pole, NEVER attached to the structure (roof, siding, brick, fence).

What should I do if I want a pet to live at my residence?

Check with us first to ensure that your property allows pets.  If pets are allowed where you live, we will set up a Pet Agreement for you to e-sign.  We must have a signed Pet Agreement and receive any additional Pet Deposit (usually $250) before the pet arrives.  Our lease specifies that if your neighbors report an off-lease pet on the premises (including a “visiting” pet) or any of our vendors or staff see any off-lease pet at your residence, you are subject to additional fees (regardless of damage or lack of damage) plus actual damages, which tend to be more expensive than the Pet Deposit.

What should I do if I have lost my job or I’ve been transferred and cannot complete my lease term?

Contact our office IMMEDIATELY via e-mail.  The sooner you let us know, the better chance we’ll have to re-rent your residence and relieve you of your obligation to continue paying rent.  Once the property re-leases to another tenant, you may be relieved of your obligation to continue paying rent.  Under the terms of our Lease Agreement, your Security Deposit is forfeited if you don’t complete the term of the Lease for any reason.  Your least expensive and least stressful way to handle this is to be honest with us and cooperate with showings.  Claiming problems with the condition of the property as a reason for breaking your lease will not serve your interests well.

How do I go about breaking my lease?

Consider your financial obligation and “need” to move carefully, then contact our office IMMEDIATELY via e-mail. The sooner you let us know you’re breaking your lease, the better chance we’ll have to re-rent your residence and relieve you of your obligation to continue paying rent. Once the property re-leases to another tenant, you may be relieved of your obligation to continue paying rent. Under the terms of our Lease Agreement, your Security Deposit is forfeited if you don’t complete the term of the Lease for any reason. Claiming problems with the condition of the property as a reason for breaking your lease will not serve your interests well. If you communicate and cooperate with us, we may even be able to provide a decent rental reference for you in the future.

How do we handle one roommate moving out and another moving in?

Let us know beforehand, and we will set up an online application for the incoming roommate to submit and a Roommate Change Agreement for all parties to e-sign.  We bill you a small administrative fee for this, but it is much less expensive than the fee assessed for doing this without following our procedure.

What should I do if I don’t have money for rent?

E-mail us or call our office during business hours and let us know you are experiencing financial hardship BEFORE the first day of the month.  If you communicate with us ahead of time, we may be able to work out a one-time short-term payment plan that will be less expensive and stressful for you than owing the rent, late fees, and additional legal notice fees.

End of Lease

When can I schedule utilities to be turned off?

No sooner than the first weekday of the month immediately following the end of your tenancy.  Usually, the next tenant will have utilities transferred into their name well-before you think to have them cancelled.  It is a breach of our lease to turn off utilities ahead of time, even if you move out much earlier.  We need the utilities left on in order to inspect and clean the property.

How soon will I receive the remainder of my Security Deposit or a bill if there is a deficit?

It can take up to 60 days to clean and repair our properties, receive and pay all bills from our vendors, and do the required accounting and disposition of your funds. We are sometimes able to send funds sooner, but please understand that we manage several hundred properties, most of which turn over within the same 6 days of the year every year, and our service providers are often working non-stop on properties and playing catch up on billing. Unfortunately, we are unable to give you an “update” on your deposit before 45 days after your tenancy.

How clean does my property need to be when I move out?

Please read the move-out guide we e-mailed you carefully. The cleaner you leave your residence, the greater the returned portion of your Security and Pet Deposit funds will be. Moving is stressful. If you don’t budget enough time to clean well, our housekeeping crews will need to spend more time cleaning and their bill will be higher.

Why were funds withheld from my Security Deposit for broken blinds when I didn’t break them?

If you didn’t mark an item as broken on your Condition & Inventory Sheet when you moved in, and it has to be repaired or replaced when you move out and was not clearly “normal wear and tear”, we are required by our contract with the owner of the property to deduct that cost from your deposit.